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Mercedes M112 M113 tropical thermostat 71°C W202 C43 AMG

Mercedes M112 M113 tropical thermostat 71°C W202 C43 AMG

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With this 71°C tropical thermostat for your Mercedes M112 and M113 engine you can solve temperature problems and increase the longevity of your unit. In general, these engines run at too high a temperature, especially after 30 years of use. During heavy load peaks, there is little buffer zone left to absorb the additional thermal load. In addition, a consistently high operating temperature has a negative effect on components of the cooling system as well as the cylinder head gasket.

This thermostat, which opens at 71°C, significantly reduces the load on the cooling system and other engine components and enables temperature peaks to be easily absorbed during short-term additional loads.

Suitable for many M112 and M113 engines: M112 2.4l 2.8l 3.2l as well as M113 4.3l 5.0l 5.5l from W202 C240, W202 C280, W210 E280, W210 E320, C208 CLK320, W202 C43 AMG, W210 E430, C 208 CLK430, W210 E55 AMG, C208 CLK55 AMG, etc.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 71°C tropical thermostat
  • 1x sealing ring set
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