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Mercedes M104 tropical thermostat 71°C W202 C36 AMG

Mercedes M104 tropical thermostat 71°C W202 C36 AMG

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With this 71°C tropical thermostat for your Mercedes M104 engine you can solve temperature problems. The M104 engine is known to be thermally vulnerable because the long engine block means the rear cylinders are poorly supplied with cooling water. In general, these engines often run close to 100°C operating temperature, especially after 30 years of use. During heavy load peaks, there is little buffer zone left to absorb the additional thermal load. In addition, a consistently high operating temperature has a negative effect on components of the cooling system as well as the cylinder head gasket.

This thermostat, which opens at 71°C, significantly reduces the load on the cooling system and other engine components and enables temperature peaks to be easily absorbed during short-term additional loads.

Quality Made in Germany!

Suitable for many M104 engines: M104 2.8l 3.2l 3.6l from W202 C280, W202 C36 AMG, W124 E280, W124 E320, W124 E36 AMG, etc.

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x 71°C tropical thermostat
  • 1x sealing ring set
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