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Mercedes M104 cylinder head stud bolt set ARP

Mercedes M104 cylinder head stud bolt set ARP

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With this ARP stud bolt set for the cylinder head of your Mercedes-Benz M104 engine, you can prepare the engine perfectly for extreme loads such as high boost pressures. The original cylinder head expansion bolts are simply replaced by these stud bolts, which allows a significantly increased clamping force of the cylinder head on the engine block. In addition, the stud bolts are reusable and can be tightened as often as required. A one-time investment that is worth it.

For many decades, ARP products have stood for quality that can be trusted under extreme conditions. The stud bolt set offered here is made of ARP's proven 8740-CrMo alloy, which is comparable to a screw with a strength of 14.9. High-strength screws used in steel and bridge construction usually have a maximum strength of 12.9, making them around 15% weaker than these stud bolts!

Technical details:

  • Suitable for all Mercedes M104 engines
  • Tightening scheme according to Mercedes specifications
  • Tightening torque in at least 3 even stages to a maximum of 136Nm

Scope of delivery:

  • 14x ARP stud bolts
  • 14x ARP washers
  • 14x ARP nuts

This item is a motorsport item that is not approved according to the StVZO. This may only be used in motorsports. We also refer to §21 and §27 paragraph 2 of the StVZO.

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