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Mercedes M111 sports camshafts dbilas - 264°/258° with var. cam timing

Mercedes M111 sports camshafts dbilas - 264°/258° with var. cam timing

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Delivery time is about 2-3 weeks

High-quality dbilas dynamic sports camshaft set of the "Street" type for all Mercedes M111 1.8l - 2.3l engines with variable cam timing.

Suitable for many models such as: W124 E200, W124 E220, W202 C180, W202 C200, W202 C230, W210 E200, W210 E230, C208 CLK200, C208 CLK C230, R170 SLK200, R170 SLK230 etc.

Technical details:

  • Degrees: 264°/258°
  • Spread: 120-100/109
  • Valve lift: 10.0mm/9.9mm
  • Stroke at TDC: 0-1.9mm/0.7mm
  • Timing: 12/72 - 32/52 / 20/58 - 58/20
  • Valve clearance: -

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x intake camshaft
  • 1x exhaust camshaft

This article is a motor sport article, which is not approved according to the StVZO. This may only be used in motorsport. We also refer to §21 and §27 paragraph 2 of the StVZO.

Notes on the camshaft program from dbilas dynamic:

For a better overview, we have specified the area of ​​application we recommend for each camshaft.

Road: With this type of camshaft, no further modifications to the engine are required.

Sport: With this type of camshaft, the mixture preparation must be modified.

Rally: This type of camshaft is intended for use in rally or slalom vehicles.

Circuit: This type of camshaft is intended for use in long-distance races, hill climbs and drag races.

In principle, all camshafts are available from stock.

Reinforced valve springs are required for some camshafts. For this we have developed valve spring sets made of high-quality material. When ordering camshafts, please inquire whether reinforced valve springs are required. The order number in the spring set section contains all the necessary parts such as spring pads, valve spring plates, etc. We can supply individual parts on request.

When ordering, please state the exact vehicle data and the area of ​​use of the vehicle, e.g. road, sport, rally, circuit, etc

When changing the camshaft, always ensure that the parts that come into contact with the cam, such as rocker arms, tappets, valve shims, etc., are also replaced in order to prevent damage to the cam surface.

All camshafts are supplied with precise installation and setting data and, unless otherwise specified, are to be installed like standard camshafts.

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