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Mercedes OM604 OM605 OM606 repair hydraulic lifter valve lifter shortened

Mercedes OM604 OM605 OM606 repair hydraulic lifter valve lifter shortened

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With this special shortened repair hydraulic lifter for your Mercedes OM604, OM605 or OM606 engine, the problem of advanced valve elongation can be counteracted.

The 6mm thin inlet valve stem of the engines mentioned above is a typical weak point and over the years leads to valve elongation that exceeds the compensating capacity of the original hydraulic lifters. Sooner or later this results in poor starting behavior because individual intake valves can no longer close completely when cold. This warm-up phase with low compression damages many other components of the engine/vehicle and should therefore be remedied at an early stage.

Since the engines are generally extremely durable, the otherwise necessary complete repair of the cylinder head would often not make economic sense. The use of this repair hydraulic lifter can economically maintain your engine for tens of thousands of kilometers.

Also useful for partial repairs where the old valves are only reground.

Technical details:

  • Manufacturer: INA
  • In both end positions approx. 1mm shorter than the original hydraulic tappet
  • Dead weight corresponds to the original hydraulic lifter

Important: Only use this hydraulic lifter on the inlet side and check the actual length of the inlet valves beforehand!

Scope of delivery:

  • 1x INA hydraulic tappet
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