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Mercedes W202 Motorsport steering damper

Mercedes W202 Motorsport steering damper

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This special steering damper gives your Mercedes W202, C208 CLK and R170 SLK more agility in tight corners, especially in combination with the steering ratio of the sports models.

The characteristic curve of the steering damper has a significant influence on how agile and direct a vehicle feels. The harder the damper is designed, the more stable it is at high speeds and, to the same extent, the vehicle feels more indirect. Conversely, the softer the damper is, the more unstable and sharp the vehicle will be. It is important to find the perfect compromise for the respective requirements.

The original steering damper of the W202 is inherently very comfort oriented and designed for stable straight-line driving. Its damping force converges to a value of approx. 800N.

For comparison, the steering damper of a W140 converges to a value of 1600N.

The steering damper we offer has a damping value reduced by approximately 35% and is therefore significantly more geared towards sportiness and agility without making the vehicle unnecessarily sharp.

We expressly recommend this steering damper only for track tools!

OEM quality! Also suitable for W124, W201, R129.

This item is a motorsport item that is not approved according to the StVZO. This may only be used in motorsports. We also refer to §21 and §27 paragraph 2 of the StVZO.

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