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Mercedes W202 uniball axle bearing complete set front axle

Mercedes W202 uniball axle bearing complete set front axle

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This uniball axle bearing complete set for the front axle of your Mercedes-Benz W202, C208 CLK or R170 SLK represents the highest level of performance and longevity available on the market. Precisely milled CNC parts made of high-quality materials, as well as high-quality, encapsulated uniball-bearings are used here.

This set replaces the original rubber bearings of the lower control arm and the upper control arm of the front axle and offers a significant improvement in driving dynamics compared to the PU bushing sets available on the market. Ideal for track tools or true racing vehicles.

In addition, the design of the bearing of the upper control arm allows the caster to be adjusted gradually. As is well known, the value of the caster on these vehicles is originally designed for steering comfort and requires a significant increase for decent performance on the track.

Technical details:

  • Highly precisely manufactured CNC parts
  • Encapsulated OEM uniball bearings
  • Backlash-free and tight fitment adapted to the requirements of motorsport
  • Breakaway torque significantly lower than with PU bushings

Scope of delivery:

  • 4x encapsulated uniball bearings, large
  • 2x encapsulated uniball bearings, medium
  • 12x bearing seat halves outside
  • 12x bearing seat halves inside
  • 4x thrust washer POM
  • 8x caster adjustment disk

This item is a motorsport item that is not approved according to the StVZO. This may only be used in motorsports. We also refer to §21 and §27 paragraph 2 of the StVZO.

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